We believe in early assessment in order to achieve optimal and effective rehabilitation for clients. Our instruction come either under the Rehabilitation Code 2015 on a joint or single instruction basis. We offer comprehensive initial needs assessments. We are specialists in the field of catastrophic injuries and our assessment services extends to cover a whole range of injury level to include triage, telephone and face to face assessments resulting in high quality, cost effective reports that outline clearly the injured party’s needs and associated rehabilitation and support costs. Our clients who are the injured party may require a range of medical and non-medical treatment such as physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, personal training gym and many other rehabilitation services to optimize and expedite their recovery and progress. Our focus and commitment is to assisting the clients through the rehabilitation process to ensure speedy and safe recovery and rehabilitation.


What our immediate needs assessment entails

We are able to cover the full spectrum of assessment services across the moderate, severe and catastrophic injury levels. Our immediate needs assessment:

  • • Focuses on the extent of a person’s disabilities, including physical, cognitive and psychological factors
  • • Outlines short term interventions needed to rehabilitate the person as quickly as possible
  • • Outlines the individual goals and objectives that the client and case manager are working towards


How long does it take?

Once we receive instruction to go ahead and complete the assessment, we will contact the client and/or family within 2 working days and the face-to-face visit will usually happen within 14 days, subject to the client’s availability. The report is sent out within 10 working days of the visit unless it is required more urgently. We do not have a waiting list and we prioritise the instructions for initial needs assessments.


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